Trees, 3:00AM; oil on canvas
I work mostly in oils, acrylics, pastels, encaustic, egg tempera, and printmaking. Art has always been part of my life, and I grew up in a family of artists and musicians. In 1995 I completed a graduate degree in Fine Arts at the Slade School in London. I found my way to Phoenix AZ in 2015by way of Durham NC, Woodstock NY, Minneapolis MN, and Austin TX.

There are themes in the creative processes I employ to make my art. One theme is simplification, which is inevitable in working from life but also useful in emphasizing what is important. The night, especially, is a good teacher of some beautiful types of simplification.

When I paint I look for surprises. I set up a more or less controlled situation and add new variables to play with and learn from. Adding difficulty sometimes produces pleasantly unexpected results.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Please contact me if you’d like to schedule a studio visit or ask a question.